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The world's oldest stone tools were unearthed from the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya in 2015, and date to 3.3 million years ago. Tools have evolved a lot since then, so here we have chosen a few to show you. Check out this review of tools done and let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoy this review of Amazing Tools!

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  • Quantum Tech HD
    Quantum Tech HD24 күн бұрын

    If you want to buy any of the tools in the video the link of the store is in the description

  • ameer hamza

    ameer hamza

    4 күн бұрын

    @Allyson H aPq

  • Judy 21 y.o - check my vidéó

    Judy 21 y.o - check my vidéó

    7 күн бұрын

    8:21 is the perfect tool for the zombie apocalypse

  • Jerry Browne

    Jerry Browne

    8 күн бұрын

    @Allyson H: Either do I.

  • Pursuing Ataraxia

    Pursuing Ataraxia

    10 күн бұрын

    Can you please tell me what model Makita weed whacker that was and what type of blade was on it?

  • STEAM Befreiungsgruppe staatenlos. info

    STEAM Befreiungsgruppe staatenlos. info

    10 күн бұрын

  • stoker20
    stoker20Сағат бұрын

    Using a plastic insert into 2" of wood,,, LOL No way!

  • Jayjs20
    Jayjs20Сағат бұрын

    You know, back in my day, companies would pay good money to have these clips inserted inbetween various TV shows. What a crazy time we used to live in.

  • AxeMastersINC
    AxeMastersINCСағат бұрын

    3:43 LOL, next time lower the guard and it will not bounce back and forth.

    LET'S GO BRANDON!4 сағат бұрын

    7:27 You can see the plastic split apart...😏

  • R. Mercado
    R. Mercado6 сағат бұрын

    Ingenious! Thank you so much for these series of presentations!

  • Lucas Schymansky
    Lucas Schymansky7 сағат бұрын

    9:22 lo que se muestra en la miniatura.

  • tV nob’s
    tV nob’s11 сағат бұрын


  • Александр Васильев
    Александр Васильев13 сағат бұрын

    Дрель с пылесосом!! Супер.

  • Oscar _bru
    Oscar _bru13 сағат бұрын

    sponsored by makita

  • saeed salam
    saeed salam15 сағат бұрын

    ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ للهمَّﷺ🕌🕋صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْ🕌علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🕌اللهمَّﷺ🕌🕋صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🕌🕋-اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕌🕋ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-🕌🕋اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕌🕋ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-🕌🕋اللهمَّ صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕋🕌ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-❤ 💛 ❤ 💛 💜 ﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺ💚 💛 💙💚💛💜💖‏​​​ ‏​​‏​.•°``°•.¸.•°``°•. `•. ﷺ ¸.•` الّۣلّۣهّۜـۣۜـۣۜمّۣ-ۣۜصۣۣۜۜـۣۜـّۣۜلّ-ۣۜعّۣۜلّۣۜـۣۜـۣۜـۜـۣۣﮱۣﻣۣۣۖۖحّۣۣۖمّۣۖـۣۖـۣـۣۨۖۛـۣـۣۖدّۣۣۖ-ۣۣۖۜوّۣۜاّۣلّۣۖ-ّۣۣۣۖۖۖۖﻣۣۣۣۖۖحّۣۣۖۖمّۣۖـۣۖـۣۖــۣۖـۣۖدّۣۣۖ🍃أنت الأحسن لا مثيل لك ﷺ םבםב رسول ٱɑɺɺ ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ للهمَّﷺ🕌🕋صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْ🕌علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🕌اللهمَّﷺ🕌🕋صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🕌🕋-اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕌🕋ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-🕌🕋اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕌🕋ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-🕌🕋اللهمَّ صَلِّﷺ🕌🕋وَسَـــلِّمْﷺ🕌🕋وَبَارِكﷺْ🕌🕋علىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــا🕋🕌ﷺمُحمَّدﷺ-❤ 💛 ❤ 💛 💜 ﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺﷺ💚 💛 💜 ﷺﷺ💚 💛 💙💚💛💜💖‏​​​ ‏​​‏​.•°``°•.¸.•°``°•. `•. ﷺ ¸.•` الّۣلّۣهّۜـۣۜـۣۜمّۣ-ۣۜصۣۣۜۜـۣۜـّۣۜلّ-ۣۜعّۣۜلّۣۜـۣۜـۣۜـۜـۣۣﮱۣﻣۣۣۖۖحّۣۣۖمّۣۖـۣۖـۣـۣۨۖۛـۣـۣۖدّۣۣۖ-ۣۣۖۜوّۣۜاّۣلّۣۖ-ّۣۣۣۖۖۖۖﻣۣۣۣۖۖحّۣۣۖۖمّۣۖـۣۖـۣۖــۣۖـۣۖدّۣۣۖ🍃

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    There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah Te invito al Islam No hay más Dios que Allah, Muhammad es el Mensajero de Allah Eu convido você para o Islã Não há Deus senão Alá, Muhammad é o Mensageiro de Alá I invite you to Islam

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    6:39 I have one of this in 1998

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  • qopoy dnon
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    Love that trimmer blade accessory that allows the trimmer to also cut down saplings! ~8:30 Where can it be bought in the US?

  • Austin Hill Hill
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    Skipped watching this due to adds

  • Link Nash
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    So the tool they showed on the thumbnail is the only tool they didn't actually show being used. You mean the reason I clicked the video is not actually part of the video? I'm angry at you and disappointed in myself..

  • Link Nash

    Link Nash

    4 сағат бұрын

    @qopoy dnon Thank you for saying what I said only less accurately

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

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    so, the thing in the thumbnail was shortly shown in the video and said what its there, but not shown when used, anything else was ...

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    Mais um ep de "KZread recomendando algo que eu nunca assistir"

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    Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

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