Ingenious Construction Workers That Are On Another Level ▶32

Having quality materials in construction is important, but so is having experienced workers. Here are a few clips of workers taking construction to another level. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this review of Construction Workers!

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    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, it would take twice as many men, three times the amount of equipment a full week to install a new manhole cover like the one @ 3:40 - 4:40. Plus they would have the traffic blocking orange cones out two weeks BEFORE construction started and three weeks after it ended.

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    It is in Germany, in a City called Heilbronn.

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    @the thumbnail, you should not cut in walls horizontally. It’s far from ingenious, it takes away a big part of the wall’s stability.

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    Assembling a ready made structure is not exactly 'ingenious'.

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    in my town there is arcade built hundreds of years ago and it still stands without any problems

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    and in the first video in the old days people built it without that wooden suport...

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    They literally said that in the video. Who they been doing it for thousands of years 😂

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    Yeah not exactly an ingenious new idea haha. Also, despite how cool they look, they’re really just as easy to build as a straight wall once you have the form made.

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